March 17, 2011

Oh Canada - necklace

I've had this Silver PMC pendant for awhile- had it stashed away with an eye for making something for myself.  Today I put it on a simple ball chain and listed it on Etsy.   Oh well, I know where it is and if it doesn't know who will be wearing it.  

March 13, 2011

Busy but back in Alberta

I devoted my time in BC to finding a web designer to develop a website.  I had an idea what I wanted since I'm a natural, earthy, country girl - it had to have an aged rustic feel.  I found some scrapbook papers that I loved (yes, you heard right) and my web designer guy scanned them and voila! we had the background colors.  He did a great job - was very prompt and in about a week, it was up and running.  I'm very happy with it and I think you will be too.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

I'm now selling my hand crafted jewelry on Etsy:

Now the pressure is on...I need to get busy creating more as I have sold 4 pieces within a week.  Yay for me!