August 23, 2013

I am back for more Focus on Life

My goodness, it has been a while - almost two months I've missed joining you here each week.

I have been away in BC on Vancouver Island where we have a second home.  I went alone for two weeks, then my husband brought three of our grandkids.  They stayed 26 more days and we just brought them back home to Alberta. Weather at the coast was gorgeous so we had a busy and enjoyable time. I decided to spend time with them and cut out computer and blogging time as  I don't know how many more years they will join us.  They are thirteen, almost twelve and eight and  have spent time with us every summer since 2007.  Time spent with grand kids is precious!

This picture goes along with last week's prompt - In Season. When we got back, the garden was loaded with green and yellow beans, beets, carrots, potatoes and many green tomatoes that are ripening on the vine .   We have been enjoying fresh vegies every night.  So good! 

Oh yes many dandelions and weeds are in season as well. I added the boost feature in Picasa.

Kids love water and this hot pool was enjoyed on our return trip.  That is one beautiful view don't you think?  I edited this in Picasa and added boost and lomo-ish. 

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