August 15, 2012

For my Birthday - all I want is some normal

It was my birthday yesterday.  No, I'm not telling you which big _O it is but I definitely am old enough to know that life lately has not been fair or rosy or anything close to normal in the good kind of way.
Kyan always has something silly to say
this time it was about me!
But then he says I'm so cool - below.
I'm okay with that!
Kyan - 7 yr old grandson - just makes me smile.
I am the one on the left with long hair
he is on the right with the spiky hair.
I had a spa day planned for my daughter, my two grand daughters and myself.  You would think that would make for a nice day.... Right?   Nope, not to be as  my daughter started feeling sick almost as soon as she arrived here and even with pain killers,  was much worse.   I made the decision that we had to take her to emergency and see what was wrong.  Turns out, she has kidney infection and needs antibiotics and probably bed rest.  So much for the lovely holiday she was looking forward to!  And so much for our normal family holiday.  

This one is from Charlie - he calls me Mrs. Katherine
 I didn't want anything for my birthday.  I want my family to be happy and safe and healthy. The best surprise was that all the kids made home made cards.  I loved them.  They all bought me nice smelling lotions.  Loved those too.  I took the four kids to Jumping Jiminy's where they can run and jump and climb and slide and scream and holler.  The best part is that they ran off a whole bunch of kid energy. . .about fours hours worth of it!!  Can anyone tell me where kids get so much energy? 
Above and below is from Jenica -
she is our 10 yr old grand daughter artist

How can I feel sorry for myself when I 
get all these homemade cards?  
Such expressions of Love!

My husband (who says he cannot cook) made a lovely dinner last night.  I love BBQ chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, carrots, salad, and the best part of all was CAKE with strawberries and whipped cream.  Yum.   

As for me, I just want some normal again and by that I mean good normal.  I didn't want much for myself...... just a piece of cake!  It looks like I got that so hey, maybe normal is coming back again.

My daughter is feeling better today and we are going to sit by a lake or the ocean for a couple hours and soak up some sunshine.  One day at a time.... One day at a time.

August 09, 2012

Life goes On but can I stop for a while?

 Day Lily in my yard in Alberta
 I want to thank every one who stopped by my blog and left a comment after the Bead Soup Blog party on July 28th.  I'm a little late doing this but very thankful for every one who sent uplifting messages in the past few weeks.  This has been a very trying time for my daughter, and our family and you have no idea how your kind and caring thoughts and comments have mattered.  I don't even know some of you but you have made a difference.  I am very proud to be a part of this beading community because not only are you talented artists, you touch people by your words.  That means a lot.  Thank you to Lori Anderson for putting on this event - I really enjoyed being a part of it and to my partner Terry Matuszyk for sending me such great beads and being there for me.  You were a great partner.
Kids watching DVDs on the trip to BC

Each day is another day onward and forward.   We drove our three grand kids to BC and are staying for a couple weeks of much needed rest.  However, with a 12 yr. old, 10 yr. old and 7 yr. old there doesn't seem to be much of that.  The very best news possible is that our daughter is coming to join us tomorrow and bringing Charlie with her.  Charlie is the 6 yr. old orphan son (of her boyfriend who was killed in the plane crash).  We are so happy that he will continue to have a relationship with her and with us.  We are looking forward to their visit and planning where we can take them.  Charlie has never been to the ocean so everything will be new to him.  The kids are so excited to show him around.  
Yesterday the waves were crashing into shore and the kids swore they wouldn't get wet.....oh yeah!
That was no fun.  They had to see how close they could get to the spray.
I have put my Etsy shop on vacation mode until the end of August.  I feel like I have nothing left to give to my bead business at this time so must put my family first.  I look longingly at what others have on their blogs and etsy sites and I want so badly to create as it is what feeds my soul and keeps me in balance but these days, there is no time left at the end of the day when I fall into bed.  So I must stop for a while.

I will be checking the BSBP this coming Saturday and can't wait to see what all you talented wonderful artists came up with.

I will be back stronger than ever in the fall I promise.  Thanks again for all the comments - please continue to do so as it helps more than you will ever know.  Warm Hugs