October 31, 2012

Stop and Enjoy Those You are With

Beautiful Pacific Ocean at Nanaimo, BC
 Left BC in rain and comfortable temperatures but knew it would soon be colder weather and snow.  Not what we wanted but we are finally moving into our new place so I packed up all my beads and headed for Alberta once again.   

We were walking our dog on the beach and stopped to chat with this lovely couple.   Later, I couldn't resist taking their picture as they strolled hand in hand stopping to admire the beauty.  I love moments like this when we see how life can be enjoyed if only we stop and admire those we are with and what is in front of us.
A herd of Mountain Goats on the road 
  As we were driving along, we came upon these animals. They come down to get the salt from the side of the road. They weren't interested in sticking around so I had to get pictures of their butt sides.  They refused to stand nicely and pose!
Males pushing and shoving each other
Back to snow and colder temperatures

Some of the sights we have to endure on this trip.  It's hard but someone has to do it.

 It was snowing lightly so wasn't sure if my pictures would turn out.  Ended up having a nice effect and no, I didn't photoshop these!
 I think they have a different look to them - 
                    maybe even pastoral possibly?

Abraham Lake about 100 miles from our destination.
Sun was peaking through the clouds and I like how it               reflects off the water.  Always such varied conditions from one location to the other when we travel.  

So now I am busily moving into my home and trying to figure out which room(s) I can claim for beads and paints and all the beauty I love to surround myself with.  I have my eye on a couple so we will see....

I will be sure to let you know how that goes in my next blog post.  Until then, don't forget to stop once in a while and enjoy the things around you and those you are with!

October 25, 2012

A Time To Stitich 2 Challenge

Two lovely ladies are holding another Time to Stitch challenge and I put my name in along with many other talented weavers. I can't say enough good things about Therese Frank and Christine Altmiller  - they are both terrific bead weavers but not only good at stitching little tiny seed beads together, they welcome and bond people together.  I have found both of them to be good friends..... the kind that are wonderful, open and real people you can depend on to be there when you need them.  
 I had so much fun with the first challenge that I had to join this one and although RAW or Right Angle Weave was frustrating I did figure out a little bit and did just enough that I think I will pass the test in this challenge.  
 I was working on a Tutorial purchased from Marcie Abney  when I realized it had RAW in the center so I proceeded to make two bracelets.  I love those little magatma fringe beads!  They really add something special to the amethyst bracelet.

I started this montana blue crystal one and had set it aside - you know how that goes I'm sure....?  I  finished the amethyst one and was excited to go back and finish this with teal colored picot fringe.  I must say I'm quite happy with the way they turned out and I have two more tutorials from Marcie to try next.  Can't wait!

 Back in September I took a Beginner Bead Embroidery class online with Marcie Abney and this gorgeous Peruvian Blue Opal was my first project and I was not happy with the way I could see the felt behind the beads so it got tossed by the wayside.  Then...I found another tutorial by Cyndi Lavin and purchased it last week.  It shows how to combine Peyote and RAW bezels around stones.

I removed the outside beads and left a row of backstitch and then stitched peyote up over the sides of the stone.  When I tried to incorporate RAW - I just couldn't figure out how so I gave up and continued with peyote until it pulled tight around the top and cradled the stone nicely.  That is exactly what I had in mind.  I added a few rows of peyote at the top then two strands of St. Petersburg stitch.  What an easy stitch that is but I wanted to use the Larimar beads I had used in the bead embroidery so ended up finishing the necklace with those so that it fits over the head.  Now I am happy with it!

The only thing I have left to do is finish off the backing as I'm sure you can see it peeking out on the side.  So that's what I did for my challenge.  Thank you Christine and Therese - it is always fun to stitch with you.  Your rules are so stress free and relaxed.  I can't wait to do this again.  

Please be kind and leave comments.... I love when that happens!

Now head over and visit all the other talent.  If this list doesn't link properly please go to  Christine or Therese's blog and get the links.  Thank you for visiting.

Therese Frank and Christine Altmiller

Nikki Byers

Kristen Stevens

Shirley Moore

Katherine Gale - you are here now!

October 17, 2012

And there he was! In all his Splendor!

Sometimes pleasant things happen for no reason.  I have been doing art journals for the past month and one of the things I have learned is to be aware of what is around me.   Today I was in the right place at the right time.

 I take my little dog Lucy for a walk a couple times a day and we often go the same route just down the street a block or two and back.  Look what I saw when I came back up my driveway!!  He looked like he demanded to be noticed and what a beauty he is!

This buck deer was standing in our neighbors yard just looking at me.   The funny thing is that Lucy didn't see him standing up on the ledge..... I never said a thing as I didn't want her to bark at him.  I didn't want him falling off the ledge or jumping off from fright!  Instead I put the dog in the house and got my camera.  He waited patiently for me to come back and then posed and continued eating.
 I find it easy to get complacent when I'm walking and not pay attention to what is around me.  So since I have been art journaling, I make a point to notice anything new in people's yards, the changing fall colors,  It is amazing what you see when you pay attention to even the smallest of details around you.    
 When we go for a walk by the ocean Lucy gets so excited because it is something different.  I think she loves to see ..... and smell... new things.  For sure, I love a change of scenery.  Who would not love the colors in the sky in the picture I took last night at about 6:00 pm walking on the beach.  I find having more awareness of my surroundings helps keep me grateful for what I have right now.  

What have you been noticing lately?

October 11, 2012

A Big Need to acknowledge Blogger Awards!

I feel like I finally need to acknowledge some blogger awards that I was given this past summer.   On July 9, 2012 Christine Altmiller awarded me with the Kreativ Blogger award.  I feel very honored but at the same time inadequate in accepting it. At that time, this is what she said:

Katherine at Terra Beadworks ~  I am a new follower of Katherine's site...there is so much to see here...pictures of the Rockies, freeform peyote, gorgeous jewelry, and many kind words :-) 

The real truth is that a few nights ago I sat down with the idea that I needed to become a better blogger.  The same night I happened to be reading Christine's blog from September 22, 2012 (yes, I know.... a while ago).  If you haven't seen her bead work go check it out - she does some fabulous work and she has been published too!  She had been assigned an appreciation award and was handing out The Blog 5 Awards - Artistic, Style, Journalistic, Educator, and Newbie.   Well, can you imagine my surprise when I saw my name mentioned under her Newbie category?  

In blog land blogger awards are given out infrequently so for me to get two awards (yes, two awards!) from the same person is a huge compliment.  Other blogs receive coveted awards and I can see why as their pages are full of beautiful photographs, inspirations, delicious recipes, tutorials, and many things that keep us going back day after day. But me.......??   I have wanted to be like those blogs but felt that I fell far short in so many ways.  I am humbled beyond words and even more humble that it took me this long to respond.  I will try to explain why but first some pictures of the beautiful west coast of British Columbia.
Full moon over the ocean as seen from my deck 

Rainbow over Gabriola Island and our Canadian Flag

As some of you may know this has been a summer our family won't forget.  My daughter's boyfriend was killed in a plane crash in July and it has taken so much out of us just to keep going.  When I look at the baby in the Newbie Blogger Award (below) I think about how I feel some days - literally swimming in a strong current about to go under water.  We have had to swim upstream for three months exactly to the day today.  Sometimes it is three steps forward and a couple steps back.  Grief is a long process and there are no answers to the why?   Anger steps in and rears it's ugly head.  There is no such thing as moving on......not yet.  We are trying to move forward but gee whiz it has been hard.  I have really been out of it this summer and I apologize that I have not been reading all your blogs and noticing some things that I should have been aware of ........ like receiving this latest award from you dear sweet Christine.  You really kept trying didn't you?  

Mount Baker on a clear day as seen from my deck on Vancouver Island

I love watching the sun rise over the ocean - spectacular!
The second award that Christine gave me on Sept. 22, 2012 was this one.  

This is what Christine had to say about the Newbie award:
Katherine from Terra Beadworks ~ the Artistic Award should certainly go to Katherine too...I mean, take a look!!!  She is  such a beautiful weaver.  After cruising her blog and seeing photos of where she lives, it is easy to see where she gets her inspiration.   We met through blogging not too long ago and she was someone so easy to talk.  Kind person, beautiful work, gorgeous scenery in her photos ~ I certainly hope this "Newbie" is around for a L O N G time :-)  

 I now believe it is high time to thank her for the two awards she presented to me this past summer.  THANK YOU Christine for always being there.  You are the best!

I want to thank my blog readers for your support this past summer.  Some of you have kept in touch and given me so many words of comfort.  It is amazing to think that I live on one side of Canada and many of you live on the other side or in the US or in another country but we all connect through blogging, beads and designing jewelry.  

I hope to get back to the business of designing soon but my creative spirit will be the guide of that.  Be assured that I still love color and beautiful things.  

As always, your comments are most appreciated.

October 06, 2012

First Bead Embroidery Pendant

I took an online Embroidery Made Easy course with Marcie Abney Carroll last week and I felt like a  child in kindergarten.  Marcie posted a lesson each day and we worked at our own speed trying new stitches and testing bead sizes.  Her course is well laid out with easy instructions and videos so why did I feel lost?  Well, I was just simply out of my comfort zone.  And that's a good thing.  

I can see mistakes on this finished project but I am still proud of it.  It is hand made and there is room to improve.  But I love the colors of the stone and I did learn important lessons for beginners.  Use a bead that is fairly uniform in size - like perfectly oval for example, which this one is not.  It is also faceted which allows the beads to slip under on some of the sides and hide.  You want a bead that is flat on the back.  All of these errors I now recognize and will use them as stepping stones to making more perfect beaded embroidery in the future.


OK let's get on to the next embroidery project.