September 29, 2013

Focus on Life 39 - Your Best Shot

I am stuggling to keep up and so I have had to cut back on blogging, creating beautiful things and taking pictures like I used to.  Found out a couple weeks ago that I have two torn tendons in my right shoulder plus inflammation of the Bursa and who knows what else.  I am waiting to see a specialist and find out what the future holds.  Meantime, I do what I can and being right handed keeps my shoulder in almost constant pain.

On Friday, my son and grandson came for a visit and sleepover.  Henry wanted me to go exploring in the trees and it was a good opportunity to take some pictures.  I love the backlight from the bright sunshine.  He loves Super Heroes so is constantly making gestures like they do.

I think this is definitely my best shot for some time and it happened quite by accident.  If you want to see more Focus on Life pictures, make sure to visit Sally over at The Studio Sublime

Thanks for stopping by, it is great to see you again!