March 22, 2013

Focus on Life Week 12 - Observe the Curves

For this week's Focus on Life prompt, 'Observe the curves' we are reminded  - Branches of trees curve to embrace the breeze.  Letters curve and form words.  Curves can keep things apart, hold things together or create a path.  This was another example of wanting to find something different to photograph but ending up with the most obvious choice of all.  
The curve in the road - where does this path lead?  
To warmth and welcome, comfort and shelter, grandkids, food, family and friends, love and laughter, hugs and kisses.  The curve in this road leads HOME.  The place where I am inspired to make art and bead work.   I couldn't think of a better curve to photograph!

More random Curves found on my daily walks - trees lining my driveway

Dried Grasses - a reminder of what was or what will be?

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March 15, 2013

Focus on Life - The Possibilities are Endless

I am so ready for spring but sadly there is still six inches of snow on the ground.  Color is very much missing and I am wanting to get out in my yard and start planting.  When I saw racks of seeds in the store this week, I grabbed up a few.  My husband loves to garden as in vegetables and after  he plants enough for a small village, ends up giving away many bags of produce.  I think he loves to do it just so he can give to others.  
I am dreaming of the possibilities of transforming my yard into something beautiful......

This is what I picked out....I love color so flowers are my specialty.  I will have to pick up many more bedding plants as well.  
This is a start and gives me hope that the place we moved into in late October might be very inviting this year.  That is if we ever get spring!  

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March 09, 2013

Focus on Life - All Wrapped Up

I have been so wrapped up with the online courses I'm taking that I wasn't going to participate this week.  Then I remembered that excuses are one of my big pet peeves.  To put it more simply - I didn't know what to take a picture of.  Then I remembered something I received back in late December and keep on my desk for inspiration.  To me, it represents beauty in the details.  When we are in business, our packaging is so important and it tells a story about who we are.  This is a perfect example.  Erin's blog is called "Treasures Found - Inspiration is everywhere".  How true Miss Erin!
Beautiful, Simplicity, Detail - notice the tiny key on the right 
I received these beautiful goodies in the mail this past week from Kristi Bowman  Some beautiful handmade elements for my jewelry.  I won the package of beads shown from Kristi on her blog and they are quite beautiful!  I have never won anything before so lucky me!  I wanted to include this on my blog today.  Thank you so very much Kristi!  Your work is amazing!

I hope it is okay to brag about someone else's work and not always our own.  Kristi and Erin are beautiful designers and wonderful people as well.

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March 01, 2013

Focus on Life - Week 9 - Knock, Knock

Knock, Knock....  Let's open some doors to see what awaits us on the other side.  

This was Sally's prompt as she guides us through 52 weeks of  "Focus on Life".  I am so impressed each week with the photos everyone is capturing and the stories behind them.  Such a diverse group in terms of who we are, where we live and what we focus on in our lives.  I feel like I am getting to know everyone and am so appreciative of all the wonderful comments.

This looks like it could have been a door...?
I absolutely love old buildings and am intrigued by the layers of weathered paint, crooked boards, cracks, rusty nails and am full of wonder as to what happened there throughout the years.  I would love to know the stories.   This little shack sits on the property adjacent to ours and it drew me in today as I went in search of pictures.   I couldn't access it so I'm not sure what it's purpose was - probably a workshop.  I am in love with the turquoise painted on the bottom half.

Then I found another door on the other side.
Some may see ugliness in this but I love the aged, cracked paint hanging in shreds showing layers right down to the weathered and bare boards.  I have to say that this old building was a stark reminder to me of the many layers of experience and life lessons that we go through.  I am not what I used to be in so many ways (thank goodness) and what I am trying to become is like this bare wood.....showing my true self.  The essence of who I am like this building that has stood strong for many years through many storms.  When I look at elderly folks I see beauty because of the strength of character and determination they have gained from hardships and physical labor they may have endured.  

This was my take on this week's prompt.

The house we moved into last fall was built in 1937 so all the doors are dark wood with glass door knobs.  So very pretty!  Where does this door lead?  To my delightful bright studio where I spend most of my days.  If you want to see pictures of that studio see my post Here 

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