May 18, 2013

Week 20 Focus on Life - Looking Up

The prompt given to us this week, was Looking Up.  Where I am presently everything in the city is built on hills or cliffs so there are many opportunities to look up or down depending where you are.  My husband told me about a trail beside a lake where we could walk the dogs.  He said it was a lovely spot and he was right!

We climbed down these stairs to start our walk so I turned around and looked up.  
                                       Great perspective.  What is it with me and stairs?
                          Fancy homes built on Long Lake.  How much closer can you get?  
                                            So many trees formed canopies over the trail. 
                                       I like this one of my husband and Rosie on the trail.
  There are some old growth trees at least 300 ft. high. I wonder how long they have been there?  The eagles are soaring above right now and they are nesting in the tallest trees.   I would like to get their picture but I don't have my telephoto lens with me.

 I couldn't help myself - I spent a lot of time looking up to the top of the trees.  Such beauty.

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May 15, 2013

A Time to Stitch 3 Blog Hop Reveal

It's been a long time coming but today is the reveal for A Time to Stitch 3, hosted by two wonderful ladies Therese and Christine.  I wouldn't miss this blog hop for anything.  I always have fun and learn something new while sharing with some truly awesome and inspiring bead weavers.  In fact, I feel humbled to be in this group but I love being here..  It's like being in Kindergarten and having your big sister in college come to visit your blog.  These ladies are truly awesome in their creative abilities so make sure you go visit each and every one.  

I have been in a bead weaving and jewelry making funk for a while - just can't seem to get my act together in that creative department.  So when you can't do something - you need to just DO IT!  I jumped on board and then procrastinated for several weeks because I knew I had to learn some new stitches.  This is what Therese and Christine asked of us:

You choose One (or more) of the following Flat Stitches ~ Brick, Ladder, or Square


One (or more) of the following Spiral Stitches ~ Russian Spiral, Cellini Spiral, or African Helix. 

So you will choose at least One Flat and One Spiral for the Hop.

Ok then....where do I start?  I watched several tutorials that Christine posted and decided to try a spiral because those were making me panic.  I tried African Helix and it didn't go well.  Fail!  Ok let's go on to flat took a look at those.  I started experimentng with a brick stitch tutorial and it went very well.  Here is the finished bracelet I made:

 I used 7/0 red opaque three cut picasso czech beads that I have been holding for a while. The sections were made using brick stitch as I was trying to figure the stitch out.  I liked it so much I then had to figure out how to make it into a finished bracelet.  I did not take a picture of the two outside sections. 

I had some 2/0 three cut opaque red and yellow picasso czech beads which are stunning.  I love three cut beads!  So I just started stitching  the pieces together with more red three cut beads until it was joined into one piece.
I strung on a Saki Bronze clasp that I have been hoarding.  I think it adds texture and aged bronze is the perfect metal compliment.  It was not complete until I added a picot edging to give it a bit more width and fullness.  I am pretty happy with this.

Then to figure out the spiral desperation I tried Russian spiral from a tutorial and it worked perfectly the first time.  I was shocked and amazed.  
I strung the spiral segment onto beading wire, added black pearls and accent 32/0 three cut czech picasso beads to complete the main neck piece.  
I had this little turquoise pony bead with coral inlay (from Treehouse Studios) and it was my inspiration for adding the beadwork and fringe in colors to match. The finished necklace ended up better than I could have imagined...!

This week I ordered a tutorial from Mortira and got playing around with it and made these cute little star fish using brick stitch.  
They were such fun to make - I couldn't stop!  I am going to make more to put on my grand daughters sandals.  I think they will love that cool addition don't you?

Did I have fun getting back into bead weaving?  You bet I did!  I can't wait to do more.  Thanks Christine and Therese for hosting this again.  You make it fun and push us to get out of our comfort zone.  Can't wait to see what everyone made.  Here is the list so go see what they made.  

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Katherine Gale -  you are here!

May 10, 2013

Week 19 Focus on Life - Hope

This week Sally at The Studio Sublime gave us the prompt Hope.  What perfect timing for me.  It has been a long winter and I have been feeling somewhat down in the dumps.  Really needed a change of scenery so I could recharge my creative spirit.  

A week ago we made the 1000 km trip to Vancouver Island on the west coast of British Columbia where we are fortunate to have a second home.  

When we left Alberta there was still snow on the ground but I had hope that we would find warmer weather and spring blossoms.   A little glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel called Hope can get us through a difficult time.  
Still snow on the side of the road where these Mountain sheep were foraging 

The mountains are gorgeous and I take dozens of pictures but will only post one.  No matter how many times I make this trip I never tire of this beauty.  
View from our deck.  We watch ferries come and go from this bay.
What a lot of sail boats!   There is smoke from forest fires so my pictures are kind of hazy.  

Lithodora blooming at the front of my home with a peek of ocean behind.
I love this deep blue color. 

Lots of time on my deck reading books and doing zentangle.  I also have been bead weaving for a challenge on May 15th.   Yes, a change of scenery with warmth and color is what I needed and this reminder to never lose hope.
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May 04, 2013

Week 18 Focus on Life - Abstract

I'm not sure my pictures look abstract this week.  I traveled to British Columbia and finally found spring and blossoms and warmth.  What a different world out here.  So you will be seeing pictures from the  Canadian West Coast for a few weeks. Yay!

                                     Abstract- New Port Mann Bridge near  Vancouver, BC.  
This new cable-stayed bridge is 10 lanes wide and 2 km long.  You can see the old arch bridge just to the right.....
Abstract- Trees along the Shuswap Lake in British Columbia
these trees made a great silhouette against the sky

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.  I very much enjoy all your comments each week.  Now head over to The Studio Sublime for more Abstract pictures.  Enjoy your weekend!