May 19, 2012

Sometimes Life Needs Someone To Watch It

As you know I am moving and that is still happening but not until the end of May.  

So while waiting, I took my beads out and now I'm playing again......except this time I got distracted by SPRING.  I often  stand and watch birds eating at the bird feeders while I drink my morning coffee...There is a cacophony of sounds outdoors these days!  Without a doubt, it is my favorite time of year.

 This is a project I should be working on 

I signed up for a bead weaving challenge so it isn't like I have nothing to do.  These beads are calling my name and I have a plan for them so mother nature will have to take care of herself for a while.

This is one of the beautiful sights I see when I get distracted.  A pair of Sand Hill Cranes nest at our place every year.

 Blossoms are popping out !
It is very hard to keep my mind on my work with so much activity going on around me.  

A Robin has three tiny blue eggs under my kitchen window and I keep an eye on her.  The lone moose is still trying to figure life out.  There is a pair of geese nesting close by so I watch them find just the right spot .   So much of nature to inspire, to motivate and to admire their ferocious tenacity and will to live.

Sometimes Life Needs Someone to Watch It!

May 12, 2012

To all Wonderful Mothers

   Today my husband brought home a beautiful bouquet of flowers even though I tell him he doesn't have to get me anything..... I am not his Mother!

 I am fortunate to have my  kids and grandkids coming home for Mother's Day.  I will be cooking a turkey dinner for 13 people.  This is what I live for - This is what I love.  My son and his wife Kathy have two little boys- Henry who is three and Owen is almost 6 mos.   What a ball of energy they are.  My daughter Michelle has two girls Jamisyn who is almost 12 and Jenica is 10 and Kyan her son is 7.  They keep us busy but are so much fun.  Michelle's friend Mark and his son Charlie are coming as well. 

 I think of my own special caring Mother who is 92 years old and in a dementia unit.  Her mind tends to wander but often we have good visits and she still has a good sense of humor.  I believe I got my artistic ability from her as she was a good painter.   

Thank you my special family for being who you are and to my daughter and daughter in law for being the most awesome mothers to the most beautiful and precious grandkids in the whole wide world.  Of course I am not biased at all.  I love you all to to the end of the world and back. You are what matter to me.

May 10, 2012

Etsy all about Handmade?

Put my Etsy shop on vacation for 24 hours to support Handmade Artists. Yup, I've joined the silent protest and  hope we make our concerns heard.

A few months ago I showed my husband a seller on Etsy who had some quite nice bracelets for about $10 and  was astounded that there seemed to be beads included..... I soon realized what the deal really was. It was a reseller! These are people who are making it hard for artisans like myself who make genuine one of a kind jewelry.

Let's keep Etsy Genuine Handmade.
protesty avatar

May 07, 2012

Crafts and a look at the Past

I have been packing to move after living here for 23 years and tackled my craft room last week. It was like a blast from the past. I found a box of Batik complete with beeswax and applicator, dyes, fabric the whole shebang. Does that date me or what? I also found a bag of raw fibers that I used to make wall hangings with. I would go and find drift wood to make my own loom and then weave various fibers, seed pods, beads, etc. Oh yes, I did macramé hangings too!  And now micro macrame jewelry is back in style!
Wizard I made in a pottery class
I took pottery courses but stuck mostly with hand building as I knew I would never master getting the hang of the wheel.  I kept a few of my pieces but they never won any awards......  Funny how that is!  I took a watercolor course and bought all the tubes of paint and expensive brushes laid out in neat little folders.  When I look at my efforts, I have to think my grandson in grade one could do better!

hand built pottery
stenciling for an advertising board

I had a decorative painting business in the 90's and learned how to do faux finishes, marbling, patina, stenciling, wood grain, painted shabby chic furniture, you name it.  My business was aptly named Wall to Wall Creations.

Last week I packed up all my beads in my bead room. NOW all I want to do is make something. I spent the past weekend looking at blogs for the one color crayon hop and it really got me inspired to create again. I was itching to go down and get to work on some projects and I think I just might have to do that.OK ... 

I'd like for this move to be over!  I need to go make something!