December 12, 2012

The Gossiping Goddess Bead giveaway Blog Hop

Back in October Lesley Watt at The Gossiping Goddess blog announced she had beads to give away.  Why you ask?  It seems that her good friend Kaz Baildon had destashed a large amount of wonderous lampwork beads in her direction.   In turn, Lesley decided to  host a give-away as long as everyone participated in a blog hop to show what we made with them.   I was fortunate to be given three beautiful beads in return for paying a small postage fee.  

When the beads arrived, I loved the beautiful rich deep red, turquoise and green shades.  Two of the beads had tiny flowers on them.   They laid on my bead table while I admired them for a couple weeks and then guess what?  I made something and completely forgot to take a picture of the beads - before...! 

Notice the two deep red beads with turquoise flowers.....simply gorgeous beads!
 I wanted to keep with the flower theme and decided a sterling silver flower bead would become part of the pendant then added tiny glass flower dangles on top.  I also used three tiny red rose glass beads with silver spacers.
Sari silk looks burgundy - Ack!  It is supposed to be deep red..... really it is.
Originally I was going to make a bracelet... my favorite thing to make, but I decided that the combination of colors were calling for some sari silk.  I regret that the red sari looks more like burgundy in this picture - but it isn't....just bad lighting here today. 
The green pendant bead with swirls of turquoise and deep red was my inspiration for this piece
The last bead hung from the pendant was the color inspiration for the necklace.  Colors I would not think to put together but they look great.  I happened to have three plain lampwork beads in exactly those tones so wire wrapped them together in one segment.  I added a decorative sterling silver chain which hangs long so I can put it over my head.  No need for a clasp.

Adding some color to my wardrobe is exactly in order when it is dreary and cold outside.  This fun necklace makes me happy and I can't wait to wear it!

Thank you to Lesley for hosting this blog hop and for giving away these beauties. Make sure you visit all the other participants as well.  Thanks for stopping by.
        Therese Frank -

December 09, 2012

Free beads from Lesley Watt for Dec.12 blog hop

Free Bead lovelies given away by Lesley Watt 

thegossipinggoddess back in October made an offer I couldn't refuse.  Lesley Watt had been given a stash of handmade lampwork beads from her friend Kaz Baildon (how awesome was that?!)  and being the generous soul she is, offered to send out free beads to 10 people.  The only rule was that everyone had to create something for a blog hop on Dec. 12th.  A few more people were drawn to receive beads by paying for shipping.

Guess what?  I was lucky to receive some free beads and all I paid was a small shipping charge!  I am a hoarder of lampwork beads so this was an offer I couldn't ignore.  I do see my gorgeous beads in the above picture but I'm not saying which ones they are.

Come back on December 12 - next Wednesday and see what I have created .......Okay?  It's a deal.  I will see you all then.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

December 01, 2012

My new working studio.....Yay!

12 Ruffled Grouse feeding in our driveway
We moved in to the house our daughter used to live in a month ago....wowsers, is it that long ago?  The house isn't new.... part of it is two stories built in 1937 with three charming bedrooms upstairs.   An addition was built in 2000 which has a master bedroom, bathroom and living room.  It is smaller but very cozy indeed. We are fortunate to have lots of huge mature trees surrounding 2.4 acres.   So far, we have seen a fox, deer, ruffled grouse and hear coyotes at night.    
This cat came to live here in the summer she has a very lovable disposition.  I wonder how anyone could get rid of a cat like her?  She is a good mouser too.
We call her Titty's a long story :)
I picked colors from a paint chip this summer when I was in BC so it was a real shot in the dark.  We hired a painter to paint the entire home top to bottom.  I chose white for the ceilings and Designer white for the walls.  Then I started to panic thinking it would be too stark.  There is still the old original hardwood floors in pretty good shape, and  lots of wood mouldings around doorways.  When I saw it all painted - I was totally in love with the warm colors I chose.  Yay!

My beading side of the studio - lots of plastic I know...but hey, it does the job of holding so many beads
The very best part was setting up a studio in one of the upstairs bedrooms that has good lighting throughout the day.  I love the thought that this used to be my granddaughter's room.  
Jenica is very artistic so it is nice to think about her when I create.  
Wire and components.  Pictures my grand daughter painted to inspire me

Art side of the studio and all my supplies within reach
This is where I work - I love the big window that faces South.  Believe me it won't stay this neat!

Teeny tiny walk in closet typical of older homes but is very charming.  I decided to surround it with pictures I love of all my family.  It adds color and inspires me.
The corner wall features art work by my grand kids and pictures.  I have all my beading books within reach.  
So this is where I will be spending my days from now on.  I love my new space and can't wait to get back to being my usual creative self.  It is inspiring to have a new space where I can work.  Thank you for stopping by and visiting me!