September 15, 2012

What Has Inspired Me Lately

Since I decided to extend my stay on Vancouver Island and not create jewelry for a while, I have been out and about finding some incredible things for myself.  I don't normally go hunting for jewelry but when I see talent in others - wow!  I just can't leave it.  Plus, I believe in Karma, I think what you do for others comes back to you 10 fold and even more.  So here is some of what I have been inspired by lately:

 I was in a quaint garden shop one day that is new to me and found some interesting metal stakes for my garden among a dozen other things!   Hanging in the window were beautiful hand made glass catchers.  These star fish caught my eye and I thought they would make a beautiful pendant perhaps with some bead weaving.  I love how the light reflects through them but when I downloaded them the picture turned for some reason - I can't figure out why?  Looks much better on the side...... oh well.
Simple adjustable cord necklace with handmade glass beads - beautiful colors!  Made by a local artist
Jane Perala Designs - she has amazing lampwork glass
and an etsy shop too
Lampwork Bead by Jane Perala Designs
The center of this looks like a cosmic swirl but the
picture doesn't pick that up so well. 

On our trip to Salt Spring Island, I picked this little frog bead up at the market there.  He is made by a talented husband and wife team that sells "cute glass" like this little frog.  Check him out at  

Amanda Skalsi calls her Glass adornments "Fluidity Suspended"
She taught art for 3 years and her work is amazing so I couldn't resist this pendant.   I met Amanda at an Italian Restaurant.
She asked about a glass bead necklace I was wearing and then showed me her work.  I was wearing my favorite bead woven bracelet that I made and she admired it so I gave her my card.
I just love talking to other artists - don't you? 

Picked up this bracelet and anklet at the Salt Spring market.
I couldn't resist the beautiful red glass lampwork beads.You don't often see red this color so it really called to me.
  I bought 7 pieces from this guy for my grand kids and myself.  I have bought from him before and his work lasts for years.  I told him that and he gave me a discount for being a return customer.
I was so impressed!

Bracelet on the left is a Jane Perala bracelet
the other two bracelets were bought at the Salt Spring market.  
I have been on a red kick this summer. 

I have had a struggle getting back into making jewelry.  I am surrounded by tranquility and beauty and every day I feel my creative side re-appear but in a whole new way.  I started  making Art Journals.  Oh yes, a new creative outlet but since I used to do scrap booking, much of the supplies are similar (this is what I tell myself).  I am loving the artistic side of something completely different and mucking around with paint and papers and mixing various mediums together to create a beautiful page.  I've had a rest, now I need a change.....for awhile.

OK ... as far as jewelry goes...I feel that I want to pursue bead weaving because I have received a great deal of happiness from doing that.  I signed up today for a beadweaving course with Marcie Abney Carroll and am waiting to see if I am accepted.  Fingers crossed.

September 07, 2012

What have I been up to? It's time to tell

First off I have joined  Christine and Therese  who are hosting another bead weaving challenge.  I had so much fun the last time that I had to join again.  It is a great way to learn a new stitch and meet other very talented and friendly bead weavers.

A Time to Stitch 2:  RAW and St. Petersburg 

If you ever thought you wanted to try bead weaving, don't be shy - go over to their blog and sign up - there is no pressure and you will have fun.  Click on their names above.

A Trip We Took To Salt Spring With the Grand Kids

This summer our three grand kids joined us for almost three glorious weeks.  Our daughter came the last week and we decided to take our boat to Salt Spring Island and stay overnight.  It was the final weekend and we wanted it to be a special time together.  There is a fantastic Saturday market there as well as some fabulous places to eat and hang out.  So here are a few pictures from that trip.  I took like a hundred so it is hard to choose the best of the best.
On the boat getting ready to leave our marina
Jamisyn always has a book in her hand

Captain Grandpa Gordon - little dude Kyan and the crazy for beads lady

My beautiful daughter Michelle and her wonderful kids
from the back: Jenica, Jamisyn and Kyan

I love this picture of Jenica - she has the grandest smile ever!

A pair of swans that live in the Ganges Marina at Salt Spring 

Here is the whole family begging for bread or crackers
That's Jenica trying to get their attention

An old bike had been spray painted many colors - no tires etc.
but a perfect picture taking spot.

Our boat called 'Plane to Sea".  Named because we had 
a plane then bought the boat .... makes sense.

What can I say?  Canned salmon?

Dodds Narrow where we have to go through a small opening when the tide is slack otherwise  there is a danger of hitting the banks from the force of the rushing tide.  We had to go through at 11 AM so timing was good.   Was busy that day on the ocean.

Best part of all for the kids was they got to get Dads old fashioned root beer for a special treat for dinner.

They each savored that as if it was liquid gold.
It was fun to watch.
Next blog I will show you some of the cute beads and little treasures I have been picking up while staying on Vancouver Island.  I haven't been creating but getting lots of rest for the soul.

I am enjoying all of your blogs and will be back making more designs when my creative spirit allows it.  Thank you for all who have kept in touch and left comments.  I sure do appreciate it.

September 02, 2012

Pay it Forward - Handmade

I love to catch up on what other bloggers are doing and have been reading about a meme going around called 

Pay it Forward - Handmade  

Have been seeing this on a lot of my bead friend's blogs lately so decided to play along.  It sounds like a lot of fun.

I joined from the blog of Dreamin of Beads/SAS Jewelry Design  

Here are the rules:
I will send a surprise gift to the first three people to comment on this post. The gift will be a handmade surprise by me and I will send it to you sometime in the next 365 days. All you need to do is the following: 
Leave me a comment and include your email address (if your profile doesn’t link back) so I can get in touch with you about your mailing address and some other information about yourself. 
To complete signing up, you MUST play along too by blogging a similar post and pledging to make a surprise for the first 3 people who comment on it. 
So, do you want to play along? Comment below, and I’ll send a thoughtful gift to the first three people who do.

OK ready set.... let's pay it forward to one another.