February 14, 2012

Please and Thank You

This is day eight after foot surgery and I have survived my husband's cooking! He has been terrific, honestly he couldn't be more helpful. I have noticed a big difference between him and myself and maybe this is a gender difference. I anticipate what needs to be done before it occurs and can multi-task. He can only finish one task at a time. I guess that is how the cave men were - they had to go hunt, kill and bring back food for their clan - don't ask them to stop for a bottle of milk! I must say that he is excellent about cleaning the kitchen/dishes and doing laundry. I would have to give him a nine out of ten overall. My perfectionist nature won't give a ten!!

When you have been married as long as we have - 37 years (wow!) it is easy to stop saying please and thank you. I have made a conscious effort every day to thank him every time he does something even if I haven't asked for it. Thank you Dear!

A month ago, I brought all my seed beads upstairs and organized them into color bins. I knew navigating the stairs would be impossible plus my dining room has wonderful daytime lighting. Good foresight on my part don't you think? I have been reading Beverley Ash Gilbert's book Beaded Colorways and am terribly inspired by her gorgeous bead soups. So I am off to see if I can come up with anything. I can only hope to have her eye for color!

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