February 07, 2012

This will slow me down

Yesterday I had surgery on my right foot. A bunion has been causing more and more pain so after one cancellation, I figured there was no more time to put it off. I was awake for the whole procedure. The Doc put needles in about a dozen places in order to freeze the foot. That was definitely uncomfortable. They told me I was doing fine and I asked, "why... Do some folks not do okay with it?". The Doctor laughed and said some scream and one person passed right out so they had to cancel their surgery. I was somewhat shocked as while it did hurt - I couldn't see myself screaming. I have been told before that I have a high pain tolerance so now I believe it. I see the Doc in two days and then I hope he sends me home. I am having fun getting around on crutches as there is to be absolutely NO weight bearing on that foot for two weeks. This is going to slow me down for a while!

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