March 22, 2012

I am Happy in Nanaimo BC

 I am in glorious, beautiful, Nanaimo, BC, Canada at my second home.  I have had migraines for two months and recovering from foot surgery so this was a necessary get-away for my own sanity.  Alone time near the ocean is better than any Doctor prescribed medication - don't you think?  We sold our Alberta property and after looking at dozens of places especially in the frame of mind and condition I was in - nothing appealed to me and frankly I had to get away from it all.  I packed boxes of beads and then forgot to take pictures of all those beauties!  One thing I knew for sure - I was going to make something for ME and Green and blue make me feel good especially when I would be looking at the ocean every day.  So here are some of the beads - sorry the pictures are rather atrocious - must be the dreary dull day.  Can't wait to get started.  Think I will make a free form necklace.
If only I could decide how long and how big and how many gems.  It seems so much easier to plan a bracelet which I am much more used to doing.  But I am no coward.  I have 10 days to myself and I want to do something BIG and lucious and dripping with watery colors.  I made up teal, blue and green soups so now I just have to get my move on.  OK, ready, set, GO...

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