April 01, 2012

Mermaid's Tears Beadwork Necklace

 I had beads laid out for a few days trying to get inspired and saw the big pearl at the bottom right and I thought it looked exactly like a tear drop.  I had mostly greens and blues picked out so the name Mermaid's Tears kind of clicked.  I worked around the blue luminescence of the pearl and used a netting stitch in various widths.  I learned it recently and although I find peyote much easier and faster, I want to try other techniques.  This tested my patience in places but I am happy I stuck with it. 

 As well as hundreds of seed beads in various greens and blues I used  a lampwork borosilicate lampwork bead centered at the bottom  with lovely swirls of teal blues and greens.  I used jade, varasite, labradorite, emerald, apatite, turquoise, blue goldstone, picasso glass, czech glass, pearls, glass and gemstones that I forget the names of.  Really it is like mixing soup so when I left Alberta I went to my bead room and started taking beads out of drawers that I thought would look nice together and put them into containers.  By the way, that is how I cook too.  I rarely use a cookbook.

I have way too many beads for this project but there will be another day and another project and I love all the colors together.  It seems to me when I was a kid there was a rhyme:  Blue and Green should never be seen..... I don't agree.  For me it is a perfect match.  I tried to emulate the ocean in this necklace which is a hard thing to do because it is not one color.  It is not blue and it is not green.  Sometimes it is steel grey or aqua or muddy brown so I have tried to put most of those colors in my necklace.  

But back to that tear drop shaped pearl.  It played a trick on me today when I was taking pictures.  When I found it on my desk that day, I could swear it was shaped like a tear drop.  When I look at these pictures now, all I see is a shape like a fish...... more like Nemo.  Oh well, sometimes the ocean does that to you.  Let me know what you see.


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