April 19, 2012

Moose on the loose

 I looked out my window a couple nights ago and this moose was munching away on my rear hedge just outside my fence.  We live in the country so a fence means nothing to a moose.  I opened my front door one night to let my dog out and he/she was standing so close I could reach out and touch it......except I wouldn't because I don't trust moose or any wild animal for that matter.  I respect wildlife and allow them their space.  Better that way.

  I believe this is a yearling whose mother has kicked it out on it's own and she has gone off to have a new baby.  The mother has lived around our place for several years and even showed up with twins a time or two.  We often found her sleeping in our yard in the winter with her young ones.

We are packing and in the process of moving at the moment and I will miss those moments when you look out the window and see something like this.  I will treasure these pictures forever and hope this moose has a long happy life continuing to prune the next people's shrubs.  As far as he or she is concerned that is survival and I say....go for it!

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Sandra Young said...

Moose are fascinating to watch from afar! We're in the country also and have had many encounters of the moose kind - some not so good! Getting chased down the cattle shute and nearly ran over trying to get in the front door as a couple examples! Even the dogs respect them. Last winter I was walking with my dogs and they sat down on the trail and stared into the bush. I felt they were trying to tell me something so I stopped too and stared and there they were....a mom and her calf staring back! The dogs didn't bark and didn't chase! They just sat there so we quietly made our way back to the house!