April 27, 2012

Moving after 23 Years

Time has come for us to downsize from our beautiful quiet 160 acre farm. This has been an emotional ride over the past couple months as we looked at properties trying to come to a decision. We bought this raw quarter 23 years ago and everything on it was built by our own hands. I designed our home from which on a nice day we can see the Rocky Mountains.  This is taken in the dead of winter in 2008 with sun shining on the Mtns.

"Big rock" was moved from our far field by picker truck and it has been a conversation piece.  Certainly everyone notices it.  While running a business my husband built a big shop and we experienced farming first hand: cows giving birth to baby calves, sows having litters of piglets, raising baby chicks until they laid eggs. 

Gordon wanted to prove himself a true farmer so bought tractors and equipment to till and disc the field to plant it to hay. Now committed and ever the optimist he had to follow through and get a haybine, rake and a baler and now it was proof... He was a farmer. This past year health problems have been warning that maybe it is time to slow down!  Here they are lined up for our farm sale last Saturday Apr. 21st.

Picture on sale day shows a range of emotions on my husband's face as he (we) sell  almost everything including those beautiful willow chairs in the foreground.  Don't worry, I have a couple more that I kept!! 

We have deer, moose, coyotes, geese, sand hill cranes, and other wildlife at our doorstep.

When we looked at properties we each had differing criteria that we wanted. Gordon wanted a shop to do whatever men do in their shops....I still haven't figured that out. I wanted a nice beading studio with lots of light and surrounded by gardens of wildflowers and fresh  water ponds....Oh....Ok guess it doesn't have to have ALL that.

In the next month I will tell which property we chose and more about the moving process set for May 30th.  Keep in touch and please leave comments.  I love to hear from you.


Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Katherine,
Oh my having to leave a home that you have had for 23 years has got to be a tole on the heart, but one must do what one must to get by in this world. I hope that you have found a place that you both can love and want to stay at for another 23 years.

Lori Anderson said...

This DOES have to be emotional -- hang in there!

Sandra Young said...

Just think about all the beautiful new memories you get to create in your new home!