May 12, 2012

To all Wonderful Mothers

   Today my husband brought home a beautiful bouquet of flowers even though I tell him he doesn't have to get me anything..... I am not his Mother!

 I am fortunate to have my  kids and grandkids coming home for Mother's Day.  I will be cooking a turkey dinner for 13 people.  This is what I live for - This is what I love.  My son and his wife Kathy have two little boys- Henry who is three and Owen is almost 6 mos.   What a ball of energy they are.  My daughter Michelle has two girls Jamisyn who is almost 12 and Jenica is 10 and Kyan her son is 7.  They keep us busy but are so much fun.  Michelle's friend Mark and his son Charlie are coming as well. 

 I think of my own special caring Mother who is 92 years old and in a dementia unit.  Her mind tends to wander but often we have good visits and she still has a good sense of humor.  I believe I got my artistic ability from her as she was a good painter.   

Thank you my special family for being who you are and to my daughter and daughter in law for being the most awesome mothers to the most beautiful and precious grandkids in the whole wide world.  Of course I am not biased at all.  I love you all to to the end of the world and back. You are what matter to me.

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Halinka said...

I've found You:-))
Nice of You to come to my blog-thank You for the nice comment.
It was not easy to find,because there was no name of the blog connected to Your mark close to the comment,so I had to play a role of the 'detective',but I've been successful.
I have commented upon Your 'Moose on the loose'-I couldn't resist:-))
Warm Greetings and Hugs from Sweden-I'm going to read in Your Blog,what was going on with that 'Etsy'.