October 17, 2012

And there he was! In all his Splendor!

Sometimes pleasant things happen for no reason.  I have been doing art journals for the past month and one of the things I have learned is to be aware of what is around me.   Today I was in the right place at the right time.

 I take my little dog Lucy for a walk a couple times a day and we often go the same route just down the street a block or two and back.  Look what I saw when I came back up my driveway!!  He looked like he demanded to be noticed and what a beauty he is!

This buck deer was standing in our neighbors yard just looking at me.   The funny thing is that Lucy didn't see him standing up on the ledge..... I never said a thing as I didn't want her to bark at him.  I didn't want him falling off the ledge or jumping off from fright!  Instead I put the dog in the house and got my camera.  He waited patiently for me to come back and then posed and continued eating.
 I find it easy to get complacent when I'm walking and not pay attention to what is around me.  So since I have been art journaling, I make a point to notice anything new in people's yards, the changing fall colors,  It is amazing what you see when you pay attention to even the smallest of details around you.    
 When we go for a walk by the ocean Lucy gets so excited because it is something different.  I think she loves to see ..... and smell... new things.  For sure, I love a change of scenery.  Who would not love the colors in the sky in the picture I took last night at about 6:00 pm walking on the beach.  I find having more awareness of my surroundings helps keep me grateful for what I have right now.  

What have you been noticing lately?


Unknown said...

Beautiful buck, Katerine. I seen a young moose a few weeks back when I was driving my bus kids home it is always amazing to see them because they are so shy and just massive animals. I love the picture of your sunset. You are right about looking around our surrounding and being grateful! Thank you for the lovely reminder.

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Katherine,
Oh wow that must have truly been a sight to see. I love the shots it is like as if he wanted his picture taken. The sun set is beautiful. So glad that you are keeping your eyes open and taking in what life has to offer.

kimmykats said...

Katherine, after spending the last week traveling through 10 states I can appreciate the beauty that is around us. So many times on my drive to work I see beautiful sights but I must carry on to be on time. To be able to stop and just enjoy....living in a rural area I think I am so fortunate to see such beautiful sights each day...unless it's the deer in my yard eating my curly willow!!

windrock studio said...

Beautiful images ~ I'm so glad you are aware!