June 16, 2012

Bead Soup Blog Party and Why I make Jewelry

The Majestic Rocky Mountains of Alberta Canada
I am sitting in a lineup at Horeshoe Bay in Vancouver, British Columbia waiting to board the ferry to cross the Strait of Georgia to Vancouver Island to our home where I will spend the next month resting and relaxing. I packed our SUV with most of my beads and tools so I won't be bored. 

I am very excited to have signed up for the 6th Bead Soup Blog Party put on By Lori Anderson (my first). I love reading Lori Anderson's blog - she has inspired me so much this year even though I have never met her. It is because of her that I try to be REAL in my blogs.  And I'm posting more often.
Low lying clouds over the Rocky Mountains
So why do I make Jewelry?   Well....About 15 years ago, anklets and bracelets with big hole beads on leather or cord were very much "IN" so I made and sold them at farmer markets and craft shows until the market was flooded. These were rather a casual style.... and sold well with the young teens. Then I began making earrings with multi-dangles when very long earrings were in style - the longer the better. I always wore some as well. I made exclusively earrings for a while and that is why it is hard for me to make earrings now. I really have made enough of them in my day. I rarely wear them now either.
With my American Eskimo dog - Lucy
I took a break from making jewelry for about 5 years and then started buying beads and supplies on Etsy and other Bead Companies. I wanted to learn how to wrap, coil, forge and bend any gauge wire so bought copper, brass and sterling silver (when it was cheaper) but used mostly copper to practice with. I purchased tutorials to help with learning since I live where it is hard to take classes. Last year I took a Lampwork bead class and set up a torch and purchased supplies to make Lampwork beads. I loved that! I started bead weaving and find it very stress reducing. I have so many things in my head - ideas I want to try but I have no studio for the time being....a little more patience!  A little more time!

This year I have been unsure what to do. I was going to quit making jewelry many times because I didn't think I had it in me to do anything better.  Then I got involved with a couple challenges and met some new wonderful inspiring people who have been most encouraging.  So why give up?

 Beautiful reflection in this Pond!

Shuswap Lake in British Columbia Canada - love the wispy clouds

My plan for the future is to have fun with the bead soup blog party and hope that it pushes me in a different direction. One where I can combine beadweaving with wire work and stringing as well as incorporate my own lampwork beads or use art beads from some of my favorite bead artists. I am very much inspired by the current Boho trend and will use more of those techniques in my jewelry design in the future.

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Halinka said...

It's nice to see YOu in the photo ,with pretty Lucy:-)
I do hope You'll have the nice time
on Vancouver Island,You'll relax and think up some new,nice designs.
I can read a lot of ups and downs in Your jewelry making,as if I've reminded my own time with all jewelry creations.What's important: I cann see, it is Your real passion and You make all the things with the piece of YOur own Heart in,so-do not give up-look for the new sources of inspiration,as i.e. from the beauty of the Canadian's Nature,which parts I had the opportunity to admire twice in my life.You're skilled and talented-the world of beads needs You.I need YOu to be reading such fantastic texts-to admire Your pieces and the photos from beautiful Canada.
-Warm Hugs from Sweden-Halinka-

Christine Altmiller said...

Seeing these photos and then your jewelry, there is a direct connection between your environment and your art. You capture the feel and the colors of your surroundings so perfectly. It is jewelry that is a comfort as well as being beautifully unique. Keep on keepin' on with all your ideas :-)