June 18, 2012

Rocky Mountains - always a sight to see

 My blog today is pictures from our trip to British Columbia.  I love the beauty of nature and if anyone has not seen the majestic Rocky Mountains - here they are.  This is the Bow River between Calgary and Banff, Alberta with Mountains peeking over the trees.  Miles of nothing but trees, mountains and streams and the road ahead of us.....  Some of the tops were covered in cloud so I couldn't get as many pictures.

 A Walkway for Wildlife over the busy Trans Canada Highway so the animals don't get hit - there is one about every five miles in the Banff National Park.

 I have driven this trip dozens of times and I never get tired of these wondrous sights.  The only thing that changes is the season, lighting, weather and cloud and snow cover on that particular day.

 Still snow covered at this time of year but many streams with run off causing rivers to rise and swell.

 They attach netting so rocks don't fall down on your car - this is the worst part of the highway.

 Rogers Pass where there are hair pin turns and it is slow going - don't look down over the edge.

 So much rain has made everything lush and green and beautiful

 A common sight is the Canadian Pacific Railway cars running along side the highway.

 The long and twisty road usually takes us two days drive from Alberta to British Columbia but it is a beautiful drive and we never get tired of the sights.

So many beautiful waterfalls beside the road - just happened to catch this one driving by.  My husband is not good about stopping to take pictures so I am surprised when one turns out.

So that is my trip from Alberta to British Columbia.  
This is the ocean looking toward Vancouver from my deck this AM.  If you look behind the island on the far right you would see Mount Baker in Washington on a clear day. 

 Now I am going to set up my bead studio. Have a great day!


Christine Altmiller said...

What a great way to start my day...coffee and photos of the Rockies! I will miss my Rocky Mountain vacation this summer but you are helping to ease that ache a bit with your posts. Thank You Katherine!

AntiquityTravelers said...

Oh my this post makes me so homesick! I grew up in the Pacific NW and one of my favorite cities has to be Vancouver. It is such a beautiful and international city. Thanks for taking us with you on that drive - just wonderful!