June 21, 2012

I am Bohemian Inspired and Wired

I recently purchased the ebook Bohemian Inspired Jewelry by Lorelei Eurto and Erin Siegel two of my favorite designers.  I have gone through and devoured all the designs in depth.  

But now here is my problem. I have beader's attention deficit disorder I swear to you.  I will have a design in my head and gather up all the beads I need for something in particular.  Somewhere along the way.... I get distracted and go off in another direction.  I'm sure you all don't have that problem.  

Yesterday I purchased this cute little ebook online at Daisychain Extra as well.  It has some simple macrame designs that I'm dying to get working on and incorporate into my bead weaving and wire work.

Wanted to make a bracelet inspired by these books and these dyed turquoise really called out to me.  I had some multi-colored ribbon that matched perfectly.  Instead of using a clasp, I wire wrapped a daisy shaped brass flower to the end of the bead segment.  The ribbon attaches securely to that and it adds a nice accent.   This was an easy project that only took about an hour and I actually stuck with it to the end.  Nice cool summery colors don't you think? 


H.T. said...

Really nice & cool bracelet for Summer.The variety of materials used make the design so unique.
It's a little strange for me,that the book describes the 'Bohemian' inspirations,because this style,I'd say : the 'saving',even the'ascetic' one,comes directly from Scandinavia.The features of it are typical for the raw climate here,for the people's attitude towards art,historically for the lack of materials,which makes the invention even greater and the creativity even stronger.
Bohemian means regionally 'Czech'.Czeh Republic,as we know has always been very famous of glass and beads,which they have been producing for centuries,also the terrain is too much Southern for the style,that the book represents.The author-sorry to have said that-must have known too little about the regional styles and their influences on art and fashion as well.All in all,the book seems to be interesting-Your Art is very pretty,but the author of the book must have been inspired by Scandinavia for sure and mixes the styles too:-))
Do You know,that the first,well known beading pattern,called the'Victorian rose' was made specially for the British Crown orders on the terrain of present Czech?:-))
Warm Greetings-Halinka-

H.T. said...

I'd like to recommend one blog to You:


Malin is Swedish,but she writes in English.

Her beading style is absolutely Scandinavian and absolutely similar to the contents,the book 'Bohemian Inspired Jewelry' recommends:-))
Hugs once more-Halinka-

Unknown said...

Halinka - thanks for your comments. I do follow Malin and admire her design style in fact she is featured in the second book 'Macrame, Art Beads & Wire' - I agree that her style is perhaps more minimalistic and that is what I like about her work. The term Bohemian Inspired I think is an eclectic anything goes fashion style. A modern come back of the 70's hippie-chic with flowing skirts, high boots and dangly, vintage jewelry with lots of bling. The term Bohemian did cause me to do a google search and it is interesting what I found. I recommend it to others too. I kind of realize now that I had Bohemian style back in the 70's when they called us Hippies!! Too funny!