September 15, 2012

What Has Inspired Me Lately

Since I decided to extend my stay on Vancouver Island and not create jewelry for a while, I have been out and about finding some incredible things for myself.  I don't normally go hunting for jewelry but when I see talent in others - wow!  I just can't leave it.  Plus, I believe in Karma, I think what you do for others comes back to you 10 fold and even more.  So here is some of what I have been inspired by lately:

 I was in a quaint garden shop one day that is new to me and found some interesting metal stakes for my garden among a dozen other things!   Hanging in the window were beautiful hand made glass catchers.  These star fish caught my eye and I thought they would make a beautiful pendant perhaps with some bead weaving.  I love how the light reflects through them but when I downloaded them the picture turned for some reason - I can't figure out why?  Looks much better on the side...... oh well.
Simple adjustable cord necklace with handmade glass beads - beautiful colors!  Made by a local artist
Jane Perala Designs - she has amazing lampwork glass
and an etsy shop too
Lampwork Bead by Jane Perala Designs
The center of this looks like a cosmic swirl but the
picture doesn't pick that up so well. 

On our trip to Salt Spring Island, I picked this little frog bead up at the market there.  He is made by a talented husband and wife team that sells "cute glass" like this little frog.  Check him out at  

Amanda Skalsi calls her Glass adornments "Fluidity Suspended"
She taught art for 3 years and her work is amazing so I couldn't resist this pendant.   I met Amanda at an Italian Restaurant.
She asked about a glass bead necklace I was wearing and then showed me her work.  I was wearing my favorite bead woven bracelet that I made and she admired it so I gave her my card.
I just love talking to other artists - don't you? 

Picked up this bracelet and anklet at the Salt Spring market.
I couldn't resist the beautiful red glass lampwork beads.You don't often see red this color so it really called to me.
  I bought 7 pieces from this guy for my grand kids and myself.  I have bought from him before and his work lasts for years.  I told him that and he gave me a discount for being a return customer.
I was so impressed!

Bracelet on the left is a Jane Perala bracelet
the other two bracelets were bought at the Salt Spring market.  
I have been on a red kick this summer. 

I have had a struggle getting back into making jewelry.  I am surrounded by tranquility and beauty and every day I feel my creative side re-appear but in a whole new way.  I started  making Art Journals.  Oh yes, a new creative outlet but since I used to do scrap booking, much of the supplies are similar (this is what I tell myself).  I am loving the artistic side of something completely different and mucking around with paint and papers and mixing various mediums together to create a beautiful page.  I've had a rest, now I need a change.....for awhile.

OK ... as far as jewelry goes...I feel that I want to pursue bead weaving because I have received a great deal of happiness from doing that.  I signed up today for a beadweaving course with Marcie Abney Carroll and am waiting to see if I am accepted.  Fingers crossed.


Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Katherine,
Those are some pretty items you have purchased in Vancouver. I know what you mean about red sometimes you just can not get enough of it. I hope you get a place in Marcie's class you will enjoy it. I have not taken any of her classes, but I have done a few of her tutorials.

potterygirl1 said...

Really cute pieces that you picked up from the Islands.
It is so much fun buying from other artists.
Hope you get into your course:)

A Half-Baked Notion said...

I am happy to see you are feeling inspired to take classes, Katherine. Sometimes seeing the work of others up close and speaking with them can be so refreshing. While I was familiar with the work of both Jane and of Neacol and Stanley (both wonderfully whimsical), I had never heard of Amanda Skalsi. Her necklace is sublime. Thanks for sharing your discoveries!

AntiquityTravelers said...

wonderful eye candy! and great inspiration. I really like the simplicity of the leather bracelet (the one on the left) that is lovely

Katherine at Terra Beadworks said...

Thanks to you all for stopping by and by the way, I did make it in to the class. So you will be seeing a whole lotta new bead weaving going on over here in the next little while!

Christine Altmiller said...

That "Fluidity Suspended" stopped me in my tracks. I cannot stop going back to it! I don't know if I have ever seen anything so beautiful and full of physical feeling. I can feel the wave lapping against be when I look at it. WOW! Just wow.
So glad you got into the class and I look forward to seeing what you make :-)
WOW (i had to say it one more time!)