September 07, 2012

What have I been up to? It's time to tell

First off I have joined  Christine and Therese  who are hosting another bead weaving challenge.  I had so much fun the last time that I had to join again.  It is a great way to learn a new stitch and meet other very talented and friendly bead weavers.

A Time to Stitch 2:  RAW and St. Petersburg 

If you ever thought you wanted to try bead weaving, don't be shy - go over to their blog and sign up - there is no pressure and you will have fun.  Click on their names above.

A Trip We Took To Salt Spring With the Grand Kids

This summer our three grand kids joined us for almost three glorious weeks.  Our daughter came the last week and we decided to take our boat to Salt Spring Island and stay overnight.  It was the final weekend and we wanted it to be a special time together.  There is a fantastic Saturday market there as well as some fabulous places to eat and hang out.  So here are a few pictures from that trip.  I took like a hundred so it is hard to choose the best of the best.
On the boat getting ready to leave our marina
Jamisyn always has a book in her hand

Captain Grandpa Gordon - little dude Kyan and the crazy for beads lady

My beautiful daughter Michelle and her wonderful kids
from the back: Jenica, Jamisyn and Kyan

I love this picture of Jenica - she has the grandest smile ever!

A pair of swans that live in the Ganges Marina at Salt Spring 

Here is the whole family begging for bread or crackers
That's Jenica trying to get their attention

An old bike had been spray painted many colors - no tires etc.
but a perfect picture taking spot.

Our boat called 'Plane to Sea".  Named because we had 
a plane then bought the boat .... makes sense.

What can I say?  Canned salmon?

Dodds Narrow where we have to go through a small opening when the tide is slack otherwise  there is a danger of hitting the banks from the force of the rushing tide.  We had to go through at 11 AM so timing was good.   Was busy that day on the ocean.

Best part of all for the kids was they got to get Dads old fashioned root beer for a special treat for dinner.

They each savored that as if it was liquid gold.
It was fun to watch.
Next blog I will show you some of the cute beads and little treasures I have been picking up while staying on Vancouver Island.  I haven't been creating but getting lots of rest for the soul.

I am enjoying all of your blogs and will be back making more designs when my creative spirit allows it.  Thank you for all who have kept in touch and left comments.  I sure do appreciate it.


Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Katherine,
It is so nice to hear the smile back in your words. The family looks great and happy even though the sadness is not far under the surface.
Stay strong my friend all will be well you will see.
Oh and thank you for spreading the word about mine and Christine's challenge.

Christine Altmiller said...

Hi Katherine!
It is so nice to see pictures of everyone enjoying a bit of the summer. It has been a long one for you all. Smiles eventually become heartfelt again.
It is good to have you at the Hop for round 2 & thank you for sharing the info :-)


Anonymous said...

The grandkids are looks like it was a wonderful time. And I love the name of the boat!!!