October 11, 2012

A Big Need to acknowledge Blogger Awards!

I feel like I finally need to acknowledge some blogger awards that I was given this past summer.   On July 9, 2012 Christine Altmiller awarded me with the Kreativ Blogger award.  I feel very honored but at the same time inadequate in accepting it. At that time, this is what she said:

Katherine at Terra Beadworks ~  I am a new follower of Katherine's site...there is so much to see here...pictures of the Rockies, freeform peyote, gorgeous jewelry, and many kind words :-) 

The real truth is that a few nights ago I sat down with the idea that I needed to become a better blogger.  The same night I happened to be reading Christine's blog from September 22, 2012 (yes, I know.... a while ago).  If you haven't seen her bead work go check it out - she does some fabulous work and she has been published too!  She had been assigned an appreciation award and was handing out The Blog 5 Awards - Artistic, Style, Journalistic, Educator, and Newbie.   Well, can you imagine my surprise when I saw my name mentioned under her Newbie category?  

In blog land blogger awards are given out infrequently so for me to get two awards (yes, two awards!) from the same person is a huge compliment.  Other blogs receive coveted awards and I can see why as their pages are full of beautiful photographs, inspirations, delicious recipes, tutorials, and many things that keep us going back day after day. But me.......??   I have wanted to be like those blogs but felt that I fell far short in so many ways.  I am humbled beyond words and even more humble that it took me this long to respond.  I will try to explain why but first some pictures of the beautiful west coast of British Columbia.
Full moon over the ocean as seen from my deck 

Rainbow over Gabriola Island and our Canadian Flag

As some of you may know this has been a summer our family won't forget.  My daughter's boyfriend was killed in a plane crash in July and it has taken so much out of us just to keep going.  When I look at the baby in the Newbie Blogger Award (below) I think about how I feel some days - literally swimming in a strong current about to go under water.  We have had to swim upstream for three months exactly to the day today.  Sometimes it is three steps forward and a couple steps back.  Grief is a long process and there are no answers to the why?   Anger steps in and rears it's ugly head.  There is no such thing as moving on......not yet.  We are trying to move forward but gee whiz it has been hard.  I have really been out of it this summer and I apologize that I have not been reading all your blogs and noticing some things that I should have been aware of ........ like receiving this latest award from you dear sweet Christine.  You really kept trying didn't you?  

Mount Baker on a clear day as seen from my deck on Vancouver Island

I love watching the sun rise over the ocean - spectacular!
The second award that Christine gave me on Sept. 22, 2012 was this one.  

This is what Christine had to say about the Newbie award:
Katherine from Terra Beadworks ~ the Artistic Award should certainly go to Katherine too...I mean, take a look!!!  She is  such a beautiful weaver.  After cruising her blog and seeing photos of where she lives, it is easy to see where she gets her inspiration.   We met through blogging not too long ago and she was someone so easy to talk.  Kind person, beautiful work, gorgeous scenery in her photos ~ I certainly hope this "Newbie" is around for a L O N G time :-)  

 I now believe it is high time to thank her for the two awards she presented to me this past summer.  THANK YOU Christine for always being there.  You are the best!

I want to thank my blog readers for your support this past summer.  Some of you have kept in touch and given me so many words of comfort.  It is amazing to think that I live on one side of Canada and many of you live on the other side or in the US or in another country but we all connect through blogging, beads and designing jewelry.  

I hope to get back to the business of designing soon but my creative spirit will be the guide of that.  Be assured that I still love color and beautiful things.  

As always, your comments are most appreciated.


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

It is a sign of healing that you felt able to undertake this post, Katherine. Our blogging connections are a precious gift which it would be so easy to take for granted. I am encouraged by your words to finally respond suitably to my own Newbie Award. You have helped me organize my thoughts about how I felt vis-à-vis this surprising event in my "young" blogging career.

I acknowledge your reflection about the Newbie graphic. You have had days when your grief has felt like drowning. Since there is no way to predict how long the grieving process will take, it is indeed difficult to plan for the days when "normal" will return... or the new version of normal. Just take hold of the good moments as they arrive. Live them without guilt. Create beauty when you can. And above all rest easily in the love that surrounds you. God bless!

Christine Altmiller said...

Katherine, what a lovely surprise...thank you! I am so happy that we connected out in the blog world. With those connections, we relish in each others' beautiful pictures, laugh at silly stories, find a common thread beyond beading, encourage each others' endeavors and comfort each other in grief. It becomes more than words on a screen. I am not sure we all knew that when we started blogging. I know I didn't. But what a gift these connections have become.
When I was in college, I took a Death and Dying class. It dug deep into the grieving process. When I unfortunately had to apply them to real life, I found the stages more or less accurate, but the timeline was not. There is no timeline. Just doing the best you can every day is all you can do. And giving into it sometimes too. Because that is necessary too.
Swimming Baby is such a symbol for life, isn't it?
Thank you, my friend. May you and your family find peace and comfort along the way.

AntiquityTravelers said...

what courage to write this, and so honest. I do find it so strange to have found such amazing friends by blogging. It surprised me. I'm still new to blogging, and still finding my way. But I love it. And look forward to hearing from these people I call friends.

Death is so hard no matter the circumstance. But it is so difficult when it is a young life with so much unfinished. I am so sorry for you, your family and especially your daughter. I agree with Christine. I've been through the stages, but the timeline takes its own path. Be gentle with yourself, and take time to grieve.

Unknown said...

Christine is awesome! Katherine no need to apologize, you and your family have been going through some very rough stuff and healing has no schedule, we will all be happy and waiting when you feel ready! Love your pictures, I would love to have a place by the water to enjoy!!

Much love and hugs!!!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Katherine,
Christine is a wonderful person and she knew just what she was doing when she awarded you with the Kreative Blog award and the Newbie award. It is so nice to see your post and the beautiful pictures. Katherine you are surrounded by love from those you can see and those of us you can not. I am proud to consider you a friend.
I will not repeat what the others have said, but it is all good advise. Take care and stay sweet.

windrock studio said...

Lovely words about a very lovely lady.
Beautiful images from the place you call home. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings here. All the best to you & your family.

unikatart.eu said...

Piękne zdjęcia i piękne jest to miejsce w którym mieszkasz. Ten widok jest inspiracją do pracy twórczej. Pozdrawiam z dalekiej Polski :))))

Anonymous said...

Katherine, I could not think of a better person to give those two awards to. Congratulations :) I'm glad you are allowing yourself to appreciate them, and share the news with us.
I, too, love looking at your photos. When I first met you, that was what impressed me most about your blog...yes you DO make beautiful jewelry, but I really love looking at your photos of the world around you.
Blessings and warmth to you and your family as you continue the healing process together.

Unknown said...

Thank you to all who wrote from your heart in response. It means more than you will ever know that you care and have offered such kind words. I am touched by the people I have met through blogging and hope to continue to do this for a long while. Hugs to you all.

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