December 09, 2012

Free beads from Lesley Watt for Dec.12 blog hop

Free Bead lovelies given away by Lesley Watt 

thegossipinggoddess back in October made an offer I couldn't refuse.  Lesley Watt had been given a stash of handmade lampwork beads from her friend Kaz Baildon (how awesome was that?!)  and being the generous soul she is, offered to send out free beads to 10 people.  The only rule was that everyone had to create something for a blog hop on Dec. 12th.  A few more people were drawn to receive beads by paying for shipping.

Guess what?  I was lucky to receive some free beads and all I paid was a small shipping charge!  I am a hoarder of lampwork beads so this was an offer I couldn't ignore.  I do see my gorgeous beads in the above picture but I'm not saying which ones they are.

Come back on December 12 - next Wednesday and see what I have created .......Okay?  It's a deal.  I will see you all then.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

1 comment:

Niky Sayers said...

cant wait to see what you made, I can see my bead in that bowl!