December 01, 2012

My new working studio.....Yay!

12 Ruffled Grouse feeding in our driveway
We moved in to the house our daughter used to live in a month ago....wowsers, is it that long ago?  The house isn't new.... part of it is two stories built in 1937 with three charming bedrooms upstairs.   An addition was built in 2000 which has a master bedroom, bathroom and living room.  It is smaller but very cozy indeed. We are fortunate to have lots of huge mature trees surrounding 2.4 acres.   So far, we have seen a fox, deer, ruffled grouse and hear coyotes at night.    
This cat came to live here in the summer she has a very lovable disposition.  I wonder how anyone could get rid of a cat like her?  She is a good mouser too.
We call her Titty's a long story :)
I picked colors from a paint chip this summer when I was in BC so it was a real shot in the dark.  We hired a painter to paint the entire home top to bottom.  I chose white for the ceilings and Designer white for the walls.  Then I started to panic thinking it would be too stark.  There is still the old original hardwood floors in pretty good shape, and  lots of wood mouldings around doorways.  When I saw it all painted - I was totally in love with the warm colors I chose.  Yay!

My beading side of the studio - lots of plastic I know...but hey, it does the job of holding so many beads
The very best part was setting up a studio in one of the upstairs bedrooms that has good lighting throughout the day.  I love the thought that this used to be my granddaughter's room.  
Jenica is very artistic so it is nice to think about her when I create.  
Wire and components.  Pictures my grand daughter painted to inspire me

Art side of the studio and all my supplies within reach
This is where I work - I love the big window that faces South.  Believe me it won't stay this neat!

Teeny tiny walk in closet typical of older homes but is very charming.  I decided to surround it with pictures I love of all my family.  It adds color and inspires me.
The corner wall features art work by my grand kids and pictures.  I have all my beading books within reach.  
So this is where I will be spending my days from now on.  I love my new space and can't wait to get back to being my usual creative self.  It is inspiring to have a new space where I can work.  Thank you for stopping by and visiting me!


Bobbie said...

What a fabulous space to create in! I know all the kids will want to come over and play with you -- I would! ;-)

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

I am so jealous of your wonderful new studio, Katherine! I'm certain this warm space, surrounded by reminders of all the important people in your life, will be a constant source of comfort and inspiration. Thanks so much for inviting me in!

Karin Slaton said...

What a fantastic space, and I wouldn't change one thing you've done to it. It's so inviting - I'd love to pull up a chair!

Jenni said...

What a fabulous and inviting space to create. I am sure you will have many wonderful hours there.

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Katherine,
I would love to come and create with you in your beautiful and inviting studio. I love the view from your window. I like how you have it decorated with love all around you. I can not wait to see some of the beautiful creations that you produce from this space. Stay well my friend,
PS I had a Rottie by the name of Bruno too, but he is long from this world now. Seeing the picture of your Bruno brought the memory of him rushing back, thank you for the memory.

Christine Altmiller said...

Katherine, what a great studio! So bright and inspiring with family photos and paintings all around :-) You will certainly spend countless hours and make beautiful art here. You will have to let us know how your granddaughter likes her old room when she sees it now.

JDreams by Janet Carter said...

What a wonderful room for you! Wow, and so organized. I'm not sure a picture of my craft room is something I could post! Ha! Congratulations on creating the perfect place to "be".

Anonymous said...

Your studio looks amazing! Wish mine was that clean and organized!!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful space. I am looking forward to seeing what you create there.

All blessing on your new home and all who enter.


Alicia said...

You have a wonderful space in there - with a perfect view! I love your studio: warm and inviting, I am sure you'll have endless creative moments in there!