May 19, 2012

Sometimes Life Needs Someone To Watch It

As you know I am moving and that is still happening but not until the end of May.  

So while waiting, I took my beads out and now I'm playing again......except this time I got distracted by SPRING.  I often  stand and watch birds eating at the bird feeders while I drink my morning coffee...There is a cacophony of sounds outdoors these days!  Without a doubt, it is my favorite time of year.

 This is a project I should be working on 

I signed up for a bead weaving challenge so it isn't like I have nothing to do.  These beads are calling my name and I have a plan for them so mother nature will have to take care of herself for a while.

This is one of the beautiful sights I see when I get distracted.  A pair of Sand Hill Cranes nest at our place every year.

 Blossoms are popping out !
It is very hard to keep my mind on my work with so much activity going on around me.  

A Robin has three tiny blue eggs under my kitchen window and I keep an eye on her.  The lone moose is still trying to figure life out.  There is a pair of geese nesting close by so I watch them find just the right spot .   So much of nature to inspire, to motivate and to admire their ferocious tenacity and will to live.

Sometimes Life Needs Someone to Watch It!


Therese's Treasures said...

Oh Katherine, if I had those beautiful sights to look at I would find it hard to bead also. Love what is on your bead table. I'm looking forward to the reveal so I can see what this turns into.

Christine Altmiller said...

That Sand Hill Crane is beautiful! Your yard sounds like my husbands and my dream place :-) It sounds like you are soaking it all in before you move.